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Noh and Kyogen is Japanese traditional theatre which has been performed continuously for over 600 years. That is why sometimes Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen) is considered as the oldest theatre in the world. It was authorized the World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO in 2001.
Therefore Nohgaku is not only a traditional art of a country, but the one of whole the world. It is possible to say that it is a treasure of whole humanity. We think that it is our responsibility to let this treasure diffuse all over the world.

SECTOR 88 Co., Ltd. is established as the only company specializes in planning Noh and Kyogen in1988.
Since then, we have planned, directed, and produced Japanese traditional theatrical perfomances, especially Noh and Kyogen. Besides that, we have acted by various aspect to pass down and diffuse Japanese traditional theatre, the quarterly journal and this website, for instance.
English inquiry is avairable. Inquirly by E-mail
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Our works
We plan, direct, and produce Japanese traditional theatrical performances complying with any kind of your request. Lectures and workshops as well as full-scale performances are avairable.
We have produced over 800 performances both in Japan and abroad. This record results great deal of reliance from Noh-Kyogen performers of all schools.
It requires much time and careful preparation to have Noh and Kyogen performances. Our specialized staffs will work to produce a creative event depending on your request and purpose.
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For example
You can have Japanese traditional theatrical performances in your country.
Or if you have a plan to visit Japan with good number of people, you can experience Japanese traditional theatre with a lecture or a workshop before seeing a performance. In both case, we will coordinate performars, programs and so on.

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